How Do You Legally Establish Paternity?


Though a large part of our practice is centered around divorce cases, we also represent clients who have other types of family law matters to address. Paternity is one of them, and there are a number of different circumstances that can call for proof of paternity. Before we get into them, we should point out the fact that paternity is automatically granted to the husband when a married woman has a child. This also Read More

Take Advantage of These Free Family Law Resources


There are many different intricacies that must be addressed when you are going through a divorce or some other family law matter, and the maze can be very confusing. We answer a lot of questions at the confidential consultations that we have with our clients, and we offer a great deal of very useful information right here on our website. This blog is updated regularly, and we also offer some additional permanent Read More

Can a Parenting Plan Be Modified?

Can a Parenting Plan Be Modified

One of the most important issues that will be on the table if you are getting divorced as a parent of dependent children will be the matter of child custody. Our family law practice is centered in Tacoma, Washington, and in our state a parenting plan must be presented to the court when a divorce proceeding is underway. Clearly, it is best if both parents can come to a mutually agreeable arrangement. In many cases, Read More

Divorce After 50 Can Present Unique Challenges


Most divorces are going to be emotionally taxing on one level or another, and in many cases, there will be significant financial ramifications. When there are minor children involved, another layer of complexity will exist. This being stated, though there may not be any child custody or support issues,  older people who are getting divorced can face even greater challenges. On an emotional level, when you have been Read More

Divorce and Tax Planning

divorce and tax planning

The deadline to file annual federal income taxes is quickly approaching. Many Americans will be looking to their CPA or tax professional for advice on how to best maximize their income tax return. One overlooked person you should probably be consulting about taxes and potential tax implications is your divorce or family attorney. Divorce and separation are a financially difficult time for most divorcing couples. Tax Read More

Social Security and Divorce


In recent years, there has been a rising trend among the most likely age at which individuals will get divorced. While the divorce rate for early and middle-aged divorces has plateaued, divorce in spouses over the age of 50 is on the rise. Longer life spans, shrinking social stigma, and the changing roles of women in the work force and in the home have all be theorized to contribute to this trend. No matter the Read More

Tips for Choosing the Right Home Post-Divorce

Tips for Choosing the Right Home Post-Divorce

By: Robyn Denson, Real Estate Broker, Home Base Washington Real Estate & Ken Levey, Attorney So you’ve decided (or it has been decided for you) to start fresh in a new residence. When choosing a new home, there are a few factors that, if considered logically, can make your life easier and more convenient. Location of property in relationship to your work and your children’s school and activities. Do Read More

Third-Party Custody and Visitation

All parents want is a loving atmosphere for their children, and typically when there are more people to provide support for the child, the better. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even family friends often take part in caring for a child by babysitting or sometimes long-term care. In some situations, when the relationships between the parents and the non-parents fall apart, the non-parents may want court-ordered Read More

What do Walls, Russia and Millionaires have to do with Divorce?

What do Walls, Russia and Millionaires have to do with Divorce

By: Robyn Denson, Real Estate Broker, Home Base Washington Real Estate & Ken Levey, Attorney Both “Russia” and “Walls” have been in the political news recently thanks to a certain millionaire.  I am pleased to bring you a story of two millionaires that connects the themes of “Russia” and “Walls”, and that is also pertinent to our discussion on divorce-related housing decisions. When Sergey and Margarita Read More

Signs Your Spouse May Be Cheating

Many couples have experienced the pain of infidelity. Some surveys show that as many as 41% of married people have admitted to being unfaithful to their spouses, including physical and emotional infidelity. Although Washington is a “no fault” state for divorce, adultery is obviously still important to the people involved. No one symptom is dispositive, but there are red flags to be on the look-out for if you suspect Read More