Divorce Myths

divorce myths

In our society divorce is common, and yet it is a confusing time for both spouses, full of upheaval and turmoil. As a result of divorce being both a complicated and common process, a lot of false information has made its way into common belief about the divorce process and its probable results. Dispelling these myths can be an important way to help spouses deal with the divorce process with more accurate and Read More

Temporary Restraining Orders

The beginning of a divorce is obviously a time of immense change for everyone involved.  Financially, physically, and emotionally, it is a time of upheaval.  There are many stories about one spouse draining bank accounts or freezing credit cards in order to make the other spouse’s life as difficult as possible, or even in an attempt to keep the other spouse from hiring an attorney.  There are tools to help prevent Read More

What if I Cannot Meet My Financial Obligations Under My Divorce Decree?

At the end of every divorce, a decree of dissolution of marriage will be entered with the court, i.e., a divorce decree.  This decree is a court order which sets out the rights and responsibilities for you and your spouse in terms of the following: Division of assets, debts, and personal property; Alimony (called spousal maintenance in Washington); and Miscellaneous issues. Also, a child support order Read More

What’s Worth Fighting Over

Emotions run high in divorces and custody cases.  A situation that otherwise would have been resolved quickly and amicably can quickly turn hostile when spouses get angry and resentful, as can so often happen during a family law case.  Spouses often have the knee-jerk reaction of wanting to “win” the divorce case by fighting to be awarded as much property or visitation as possible, but the plain truth is that not Read More

Timing of a Child Support Modification

After a child support order is entered, it is not uncommon for one or both parents to later want to reexamine the child support amount.  As a child’s needs change or a parent’s income changes, a modification of a child support order may be appropriate or necessary.  In Washington, strict requirements exist as to when such a request may be made with the court and in what way.  Before filing a child support Read More

What to Do When the Other Party Has Disappeared

Any lawsuit, whether in family law or another area of civil law, must begin the same way. A complaint or petition is filed with the appropriate court and then the papers must be properly served on the defendant.  (In family law cases, the defendant is referred to as the respondent.) Usually the papers are served by "personal service," which means that the respondent is the one to be handed the papers by a law Read More

Violations of the Parenting Plan

Sharing parenting time and co-parenting with a former spouse or partner can be challenging at the best of times. These challenges become infinitely more complicated and difficult where your former partner violates a parenting plan which is a court order. Strategies for handling the situation can vary widely depending on the type of violation and your goal. Whether the violation is intentional is an essential Read More

Secret Recordings and Spyware

Gathering evidence to support your divorce, child custody, or other family law case can be a confusing or complicated proposition. With the advent of incredible technological advances such as smart phones, GPS tracking, and countless types of computer monitoring software, the possibilities for collecting this type of information seems endless. Understanding the legalities of different types of monitoring and Read More

Family Businesses and Divorce

Once a couple has made the decision to get a divorce, one of the big issues will immediately become how to divide up the marital assets and debts. Marital property and marital debt is subject to an equitable distribution by the court, whereas separate property typically will belong to the spouse who owned it before the marriage. Family businesses can present special challenges in a divorce when trying to divide the Read More

What to Expect at Your Divorce Trial

The final divorce trial is an event that is both highly anticipated and highly feared by many spouses involved in a divorce. The final hearing signals the end of what is often a long, emotionally exhausting, and expensive process. Conversely, knowing that your future is in the hands of the judge is understandably intimidating. Knowing what to expect from trial and how to behave can help reduce Read More